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Graduate Programs

In order to secure research's creativity and flexibility, we organized our "Global Business Program" by a so-called GSB matrix which consists of subject groups and research units.

Subject groups, as the first dimension of the GSB matrix, are composed of four subjects: Management, Accounting, Finance and Distribution, and Industry and Region. Every one provides both basic and advanced knowledge of the area. Students can choose any one as their major or minor. In the second dimension of GSB matrix, there are five research units : Strategic Management, Management Information, International Business, Industry Creation, and Public and Environmental Management. Every research unit is designed for the purpose of specialized and focused research. Students can make a variety of choices by selecting different subjects and units.

In addition, graduate students are supposed to take methodological classes : Qualitative Methodology, Quantitative Methodology and Systems Methodology. We also provide a MBA course called "Graduate Research Project for Business Experts and Executives". For this research project we set different research themes and assign two faculty staff every year. Each theme continues two years and usually conducted by ten students.

GSB Matrix for graduate Programs

  Subject Groups
Management Accounting Finance & Distribution Industry & Region
Research Units Strategic Management Business Administration, HRM & Industrial Relations, Business History, Corporate Finance Cost Management Marketing Strategy Risk Management,
Management Information Operations Management, Production Management Financial Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Exercises in Business Analysis and Valuation Distribution System Statistical Analysis Econometric Analysis
International Business International Management Strategic Management Accounting: International Monetary Economics, Trade Theory, Securities Market, Development Finance International Location of Industries
Industry Creation Types of Firms, Venture Management - Monetary Theory & Practice, Financial Institutions, Marketing Economics Industry, Histories of Industries, Regional, Management
Public & Environmental Management Management and Organization in Multicultural Society Corporate Social Accounting & Reporting, Public Sector Accounting - Environmental Policy, History & Economics of Technology, Regional Management, Transport Studies