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Programs for International Students

We provide many choices for overseas students in entrance exam and curriculums, and besides, Osaka City is also a right place to learn Japanese business practice and Japanese culture. As a result of our effort, a lot of overseas students have graduated from our graduate and undergraduate program. They come from various countries and have different backgrounds, and now they are playing an active role in multinational companies, national and local governments, international agencies and academic fields.

In order to intensify international joint research and exchange programs, we have established an international business school network with many worldwide leading universities. International business seminars are frequently held at the GSB/FB Conference Room, a room full equipped with latest computers and audiovisual presentation systems.

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Messages from Graduates

Wanida Techarattanon (Thailand)

Human Resources skills development in OCU

It has been my passion to take up a course inBusiness field and I have also my dram that one day I might be able to become a successful business leader.

However, when my parents suggested I should enroll into Faculty of Arts, I had to reflect my major and decided to stduy in the language field. Then I made up my mind to major in Japanese and finally started to enjoy the language, Japanese. I felt that enrolling in this faculty was my first right decision. Because this could give me abrilliant opportunity to come to Osaka, the place I love. My dram of becoming a successful leader has has started to come up again. After graduating Faculty of Japanese, I worked in HR Department for 2 years. At that time I considered it was time to make my dream come true. So I am here in the OCU.

Coming to the OCU was my second decision in my education life that I felt to be completely right. Since I can get more opportunities to learn the latest knowledge by many great professors, I have been acquiring many valuable experiences at the OCU. At first it was difficult to learn Business Studies that was totally different from language learning. However, I have been lucky enought to meet many kind classmates who have had many fertile experiences in business. They could provide me with many helpful suggestions and much guidance.

I am confident that I would be able to utilize effectively all the knowledge and experiences I have acquired here. I appreciate and thank everyone who would help me throughout the wonderful 2 years course. I promise I will make my dream come true.

Franck E. Bonzemba, Ph.D. (The Democratic Republic of Congo)

Development of Academic & Social Skills at OCU

I must confess my stroy when I became a doctoral candidate of Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Osaka City University. Though I had a clear view of my field of study, I did not have a clear idea on a particular topic to focus on for my research. The academic environment in Japan, which was new for me, made it imperative to develop personal relationships with the academic community. So, both the developments of academic and social skills were necessary for me at the beginning!

Fortunately, there were many opportunities offered at GSB for the development of those skills. FOr a person with a clear idea of his/her objectives, initiative and self-management were necessary to take advantage of those various opportunities. Thanks to the dynamism and personal initiatives of my supervisor, Prof. Hiroshi Okano, we had many opportunities for the development of international personal relationships within the academic and business community.

After about two years of being a doctoral candidate, I was able to develop my insight into my own situation and manage the process of getting a Ph.D. Now, I am an International Civil Servant withing the United Nations System, using skills developed when I was a doctoral candidate to help dal constructively with many challenges facing International Organizations. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank again all the persons who helped me during my study at GSB.