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Undergraduate Programs

We place great importance on small grouped tutorials in our undergraduate programs. For juniors and seniors we have specificfield- seminar, for freshmen and sophomore we provide pro-seminar and theme-seminar separately. Varieties of subjects are also provided from each course unit such as Management, Management Information, International Business, Industry and Urban City Management, Finance, Distribution, and Accounting.

Courses Main Subjects
Management Strategic Management, Management Organization, Business Administration, Production Management, Small Business, Marketing Strategy
Management Information Information Management, Operations Management, Business Statistics, Management Science & Mathematics
International Business International Management, International Marketing, International Location, Trade Theory, International Monetary System, International Management Accounting
Industry & Urban City Management Environmental Policy, Transport Economics, Industrial Management, Regional Management, Risk Management, History of Technology
Finance Monetary Theory & Practice, Securities Mar ket, Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, Foreign Exchange
Distribution Marketing Management, Marketing Economics, Wholesale Trade, Consumer Behavior, Business Logistics
Accounting Financial Accounting, Cost Management, Auditing, Corporate Social Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Financial Analysis